About Us

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Advanced POS Solutions, Inc (APS) is a Premier Global Business Consulting firm that offers Integrated Management Solutions for Food Service Industry including Technology, Marketing & Accounting enterprise solutions, for independents and chain operators from small to large operations.

Advanced POS Solutions, Inc. (APS) is a Business-driven Development, Marketing-focused and Business Management consulting group. APS combines cutting-edge creativity and proven best practices to create high performance operating systems and real world business solutions for their clients. APS is uniquely qualified to help restaurant operators maximize operating efficiency, enhance costs control, increase sales and optimize bottom-line performance.

With years of combined experience in the food service business management, marketing field and information technology industries, APS has the skills to help you to take your business to the next level and guaranteed to deliver you an impressive return on your investment.

Our Mission

Advanced POS Solutions is dedicated to ensure that our customers’ needs are always met. Our mission is to continuously build and nurture long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust, respect, integrity, perseverance, and a positive attitude.

After 20 years dedicated to Information Technology and Restaurant industry with Advanced POS Solutions, Inc (APS) I have strived for my personal best and that of my team. I have always wanted to provide a little more to our clients, because just walking in and dropping off software and some hardware is not enough. It is providing solutions, giving answers, looking for innovation in the marketplace. At APS, we have created strategic alliances so that our customers can benefit with top end technology, profit centered software and customer generating marketing consulting services. We have brought together the best in the industry and have joined to create a powerhouse. Take advantage and let us grow show you the difference.

Ed Ruiz