Groceries Point of Sale Solution

Logivision really expands what’s possible for supermarkets, health food, pharmacies, c-stores and much more. By utilizing Logivision Point of Sale Software we can provide our supermarket customers and impressive product that can handle as many transactions and item inventory as needed. We guarantee a very simple and easy to use system that it’s capable of processing hundreds of credit card transaction without issues. In addition, we also package our products with an intuitive touch screen POS System that it’s simple and efficient for employees to use throughout the day.

Quality Point of Sale Hardware and Software is provided to all supermarkets stations in a nicely package product. Our team is specialized at allowing groceries to excel by increasing sell volume while at the same time decreasing costs. Furthermore, our systems are constructed in a robust matter with an overwhelming amount of features that each customer will enjoy. The supermarket point of sale systems are amazing and simple to understand, so your employees will get to used them in no time.

✓ Inventory Items and Recipes

✓ Entering Invoices and Inventories

✓ Inventory Reporting

✓ Daily Sales Report

✓ Labor & Sales Reports

✓ Checkout & Cashier Reports

✓ Product Mix Reports

✓ Sales Contest

✓ Inventory Reports

✓ Employee Performance Reports

✓ Gift Card Reports

✓ House Account Statements

✓ Customer Loyalty Reports

✓ Media Reports

✓ GL Interface Reports (QuickBooks, ACCPAC and compatible programs)

✓ Fingerprint Access

✓ Labor Forecasts

✓ Stage Images

✓ Skill Levels

✓ Named Schedules

✓ Instant Discounts

✓ Bonus Discounts

✓ Bonus Coupons

✓ Skill Levels

✓ Customer Marketing

✓ Integrated Gift Cards

✓ High Speed Transactions

✓ Reload Gift Cards

✓ Gift Card Reports

✓ Reports

✓ Data Backup

✓ Corporate Messages